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If you're trying to find designer purses at outlet prices, let us help you do it right. There's a reason that they call us the Coach.

All About Evening Bags

There are certain accessories that enhance the power of women, such as evening bags. An evening bag is a must-have of every woman, particularly those who enjoy nigh parties and gatherings. Evening bags don't necessarily mean they are only meant for evening affairs, because some of them can be an everyday purse. An evening outfit with a matching evening bag, if perfectly chosen, allows a woman to look sexy and glamorous.

It's in the 13th and 14th centuries that evening bags came into surface as coin purses. They are traditionally designed from thick embroidered fabric, and have replaced the pouch as an elaborate pocket-less carrier of ladies' stuff. As they continue to be popular, they were used to complete an elegant outfit and have shown plenty of creativity and styles. There were even crocheted evening bags in the shapes of animals or fruits.

It was not until the 18th century that evening bags have started to evolve and grew larger in sizes. From thereon, they become among the social symbols of women. A larger evening bag can hold a bottle of perfume, lipstick, compact powder, credit cards, keys, coins, and a cellphone. A significant purse raises the status of the bearer.

Bags' designs and craftsmanship were also the basis of affluence. There were often constructed at home and if they were beautifully ornate, it shows that the women had a quite long time creating them. Thus, embellished handcraft evening bags became an emblem of prosperous woman who has servants at home to do her household and the only thing that keeps her busy is crafting her bag.

Subsequently, evening bags became mass produced due to the high demand of people. They have followed that fashions year after year and defined the appearance on certain mainstream cultures.

Quite a reverse from their history, evening bags these days are almost too little to be called a bag at all. The explosion of tiny evening bags has been a blessing to women who only need to carry a credit card and cellphone. The latest design of evening bags today are more on an object of art rather than what the history describes. They are usually a trifle or bauble, symbolizing luxuriousness. Impractical to most people, but they often make an adoration for an evening party look.

Evening bags these days are made from a large variety of fabrics. There are also some certain materials incorporated to them to make them look stylish and elegant, such as jewelry. Those materials include leather, silk, satin, velvet, lace, fur, feathers, organza, mesh, voile, tulle, taffeta, sequins, pearls, jewelry, crystal beads, shells, and stained glass.

Evening handbags are now available through online purchasing. There are hundreds of online stores that sell different kinds of fashion bags and even personalized bags - that could be evening purses, totes, travel luggage, toiletry bags, duffel bags, backpacks etc. Since women will not only need one or two types of bag, online stores are beating each other by offering a wide variety of handbags of different kinds and in different sizes, colors, and designs.


Hobo Bags for Women

There are many styles of purses that you can purchase for that special lady in your life, and you will find that each of these styles of purses will come in handy in a variety of situations. Finding the right purse for your wife or girlfriend can be hard, especially if you don't know what style of purses would look best. When in doubt, hobo purses for women will always be a great present that you can get for your lady.

Hobo purses are the ultimate in casual-formal purses, and you will find that the amazing versatility of the hobo bags for women will make them the best present. Hobo handbags can be used for any occasion according to the style of the purse, and there is a wide range of hobo bags from which you can select the perfect present for your girlfriend.

Hobo bags for women are designed to be ultra-casual, and the slouchy look of the bags makes them excellent for a seaside vacation or a weekend trip out of town. They are usually fairly large, and the rounded bottom enables women to carry more items than they would be able to in a flat-bottomed purse. The casual look of the hobo handbags is great for any informal occasion, and most women love the look of the hobo bag.

The name of the bag actually comes from the bundle that hobos would carry around tied to sticks, and you can compare the style of the bag with these bundles to see the similarities. The reason that hobo bags have become so popular in recent years is due to the fact that women can use them for nearly any occasion, though they are mostly casual purses.

Some hobo handbags for women, however, are designed to complement more elegant outfits. While you may be surprised to find out that hobo bags can actually be elegant, the truth is that these classy hobo handbags can look great with a formal pant suit or business outfit. The more elegant hobo bags tend to be more costly, and the designer labels that make hobo handbags have found that these bags tend to be some of the most popular purses on the market.

In reality hobo bags for women are some of the most versatile and stylish bags being sold today. Whether you are a fashionista, a preppy person, or a professional looking for the best handbag to complement your more casual outfits, you should definitely consider the classy hobo bags for women. The long straps combined with the round-bottomed style of the purse make it incredibly comfortable to wear, either across the body or over a shoulder.

Purchasing one of the many hobo handbags available as a present for your lady friend is one of the best things that you can do, thanks to the fact that they speak volumes about the elegance and stylishness of any woman.


How To Pick A Good Travel Purse?

A woman's travel purse is her home away from home. Buying a travel purse is more than selecting an accessory for you. In fact, it is such an essential traveling item that it wants your careful examination and selection so that you get the one that ideally suits your requirements. A huge variety of purses is available in different styles, materials, sizes and features. However, to decide which purse should be your choice is somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, if you keep certain factors in your mind while buying it, you can get a perfect one.

What you will need to carry is the first question to ask when choosing a travel purse for you. The answer to this question will determine the size of your purse and the way you want to keep it organized. Some people prefer carrying a small purse, which can hold credit cards, a passport, lipstick, eye drops and not a lot more. You can fit such purses easily under your jacket. On the other hand, people like to have a large, sturdy travel purse, equally comfortable as the small one, if they have tons of items to carry like wallet, camera, hotel and travel papers, guidebook, map, makeup, hairbrush, iPod, notebook, pen and so on.

The next thing to consider is the type of material that your purse is made of. People are commonly seen buying a stylish travel purse made of leather or hard nylon fabrics but, apart from the material, it is essential to note the weight and durability of the purse as well. This is because, you could possibly be holding it for several hours and purses that are huge can tire you out in a short span of time. Likewise, your purse should be durable so that any rough handling may not damage it and put you in trouble during the journey. Also, buy a purse with covered corners, reinforced stitching, and never compromise on quality to save a few dollars.

You must also make sure that the travel purse you are purchasing has compartments that fit your requirements. A purse with a number of separate compartments can save time. For instance, if your phone is ringing, you will never miss the call and get it in time. If you want a camera, you know where it is and can capture the shot without going through the hassle of searching for it in your purse.

The security feature of your travel bag is something that can never be ignored. No matter where you are traveling, some people may keep an eye on your purse and rob you as soon as they get a chance. Hence, the security of your purse is extremely important to keep the thieves and pickpockets away. In the market, several travel purses are available with built-in security features that keep you protected. These purses have stainless steel wire netted in the straps and bottom of the purse. This feature makes it difficult for someone to cut through the travel purse to grab your valuables. Some purses, even allow you to attach the strap to something else, thus making it difficult for anybody to pull it from your shoulder.


Travel Leather Bags

Durability is one of the most important features to have in travel bags. These kinds of bags can be subjected to huge amounts of stress, wear and tear during transit. Hence, the only way that you can keep your belongings safe during travel is to get yourself the most durable kind of travel luggage that you can get hold of. Travel bags now actually come in a wide selection of materials and designs, but one of the most durable types that you can use is the leather travel bag.

Leather is considered to be one of the toughest materials used in the textile industry today - from foot wear, clothing, furniture, bags and other accessories. Genuine leather is made out of real animal skin - which is extremely strong and durable. It can withstand heavy weights and the wears and tears of everyday use, making it the perfect companion for travel.

Aside from their durability, travel leather bags are also very classy and stylish. They now come in an extremely wide variety of colors, shapes and designs to fit every traveller's preference and style. So it does not really matter what your outfits are when you travel. A leather travel bag can be the perfect accessory to enhance your look and even add in a touch of sophistication and class.

Travel leather bags can take style and class in travelling to a whole new and different level.
Travel leather bags are very easy to maintain and clean. They do not need extra polishing or special laundry treatments. If you want to clean them up, all you need is a clean damp cloth for wiping and that's about it. Leather is a naturally dust-resistant material so you'll never have major problems with cleaning at all. It can also easily resist most stains too so you won't have to worry too much about spills and blemishes.

Leather is also a highly water resistant material which is perfect for protecting your belongings from unpredictable weather conditions. So even if you get caught in the middle of the rain during transit, rest assured that your entire luggage is kept safe and dry.

Today, leather travel bags now come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes - all to fit every traveller's needs and preferences. Whether you are carrying a load of clothes for a very long vacation or if you are simply planning to getaway for a night or two, rest assured that there is always a perfect leathertravel bag for you.

However, shoppers must always remember to be extra cautious when buying genuine leather bags. Travel bags made out of real leather will come at a cost so it is very important that you get nothing less than the genuine material. There are now plenty of faux leather products out in stores today that can easily be mistaken as genuine leather.

Make sure that you always get what you pay for by simply making sure that your travel leather bags are made out of one hundred percent genuine leather material, and nothing less. If you do not want to risk it, you can turn to well-trusted brands in the market that sell genuine travel leather bags.


How Coach Handbags Have Become A Force In The Market By Being More Accessible

When you talk about handbags in the history of handbags, you normally think of either Prada or Louis Vuitton. Both of these companies have been around for over a century or near a century and are known throughout the world for their traditional designs and a history of excellence. Coach has come late to the party but has stormed back with the increasing popularity it has had in the past few years. This article will give a little background as far as the resurrection of Coach, followed by the history of the Coach design, and the general price range on different items and where to find the best bargains.

Coach first opened its doors roughly a half century ago. The company began in Manhattan with six workers and has since grown significantly but has kept its headquarters in New York where the company was originally founded. The original designer was inspired by a baseball glove and how soft leather could become when working with it. Leather continues to be one of the greatest inspirations for new products with Coach and it all started with the tradition of the baseball glove. Coach struggled with its designs within the past but has revolutionized itself in the past decade with its new designs. Many young women now purchase Coach handbags over either Prada or Louis Vuitton.

Coach has done a great job of making itself more accessible to the public with lower prices. There are now roughly 300 stores in the United States and many of these stores are outlet stores. With outlet stores you often can find lower prices. Handbags often will range anywhere between $200 and $500 for the most popular Coach designs with the prices for accessories falling below this range. Outlet stores may offer a bit more of a discount when looking for a Coach handbag for yourself or someone you may want to buy one for as a gift. You can also look online for a good deal but be sure that you are purchasing the real thing.

Coach handbags are one of the few American-made status symbol handbags. When you think of Prada or Louis Vuitton, these are European companies. You can be fashionable when buying Coach while supporting American industry. In this day and age when it seems as if nearly everything we buy from toys to Toyotas are from overseas it is nice to see a hugh quality American made product. If you look for Coach products at outlet malls and reputable online vendors oftentimes you will also pay a lower price while making a statement about the types of quality things that you have.


Designer Handbags - How To Be Sure Yours Is Authentic

Ladies are fashion conscious. We all know that! Ladies equate fashion with money? Now, that's a misconception which is why many of us hesitate in spending hard earned dollars for one designer handbag. We tend to visit the local kiosks, take a trip to New York's Chinatown or try looking at home parties to grab a designer handbag for less.

The fact however is that designer handbags do not come cheap! Even the used ones sold at e bay will cost you couple of hundreds of dollars. So if you are getting a brand new Channel or a Coach for $50, then step back! You are buying a fake one! No body wants a replica handbag. So if you are serious about fashion and are a concerned citizen here are some of the reasons why you should not buy a fake designer handbag:

Fake handbags have shoddy handwork, bad leather and bad accessories. The zippers stop working after a while and it becomes quite apparent that you have a fake handbag after some time.

The sellers of counterfeit handbags do not pay taxes. Their business is shady, ours is not. There is no point spending 50 dollars for a fake handbag and not even getting a receipt for the same to file your taxes.

The money from such counterfeit businesses is said to support terrorist activities. We do not want to be a party to that!

Fake handbags are used to smuggle drugs and import jewels hidden from the customs and immigrations. Supporting such businesses is indirectly supporting illegal activities.

So as you can see, as both a user and a moral citizen there are a number of reasons why you should not buy a replica designer handbag.

Now the next important question is how would know whether the handbag that you are buying is original or not?

Original designer handbags are sold in authentic retail shops which are listed in the manufacturer's website. Thus Coach for example gives the list of all its retail outlets from where you can buy an authentic Coach handbag.

The fake handbags will have bad craftsmanship, poor quality material and bad finish. Although the makers are becoming more and more conscious fake bags still look fake.

Always read the fine print. Look for words like "Our Version of XYZ", "Inspired by XYZ". Such products are always fake.

Look for the made in country label. The designer handbags are made in the country where the design house is based. A "Made in China" tag will not be there in an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag!

So beware ladies! It is good that you want to save money. But do not end up spending on fake products in order to save money. There is a famous British saying "Penny wise, pound foolish". It's better to spend some pounds or dollars to get an original piece rather than spending some pence or cents for a fake product that wears off within days!


Designer Bag Rentals Allow Women To Experience Luxury Labels

Fashion dictates that when attending certain events a woman be adorned with the best that money can buy. Making an impression during a job interview or an elaborate date or even when going on vacation a woman that is dressing up for the special moments in her life can accessorize her wardrobe with a series of designer handbags and purses that reflect her taste for quality and style. However, due to the costs that are associated with the various products that are imported from designers all over the world many women find that they are limited by the accents to their outfit. However that does not have to be the case any longer. Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the purchase of a single purse a woman that knows fashion now has the choice to rent designer handbags instead of buying a new clutch to go with each dress or item of business attire in her wardrobe.

Being able to rent purses a woman that wants to have a high end accent added to the designs in her wardrobe can find that designer bag rentals offer a solution to the dilemma of purchasing a Prada or Gucci purse that is valued more than the entire ensemble that she is dressed in. While some women purchase a knock off imitation of the designs from Channel or Salvatore Ferragamo there are many money conscious individuals that make it a point to rent the luxurious items that they would like to own to mark the most important events in their life. For a woman that is getting married and going away for her honeymoon the addition of a designer handbag can make her travels more rewarding as she is treated to a vacation with her new husband.

Attending charity events or balls or just allowing herself a small indulgence in the finely crafted textures of leather that are created from the designs of Versace and Louis Vuitton a woman that is dressing for success or sophisticated elegance can afford to accent her wardrobe choice with a complementing purse that lets the world know she is someone that has discerning taste and style. Even though she not own the handbag that is carried on her arm, a woman that knows when to add the right touches of class to her outfit can find a selection of designer bag rentals that can make her look and feel like a winner. Taking advantage of the choices in labels that are available from the online rental agent women across the country can take a moment in their life to enjoy the luxury and elegance of the name brand designer fashions that are being rented to woman who know fashion.


An Introduction to Handbag Organizers

If you do not yet have a handbag organizer, as soon as you hear about them you will surely decide that you need one for each and every purse you own.

As the name implies, the main purpose of handbag organizers is to keep everything organized in your purse. If you are like most of us, your handbag is probably filled with many items which have simply been dropped in when you acquired them, or quickly tossed back in the purse after they were used. This can making finding items rather difficult, especially if you need small items on the spur of the moment.

If you have ever tried to locate a pen, a tiny address book, or your keys, you already know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Even if your purse has inner or outer pockets, this usually does not eliminate the aggravation of searching, either. Most people simply have too many things in their purses to be effective without a good organizer.

When you have a handbag organizer, each and every item has a neat place and is easy to find. Not only will small items not fall to the bottom of your purse, larger sized items like checkbooks and packets of tissue will not get lost in a cluttered handbag. A handbag organizer is by far the most convenient method of storing and carrying everything you need in your purse.

Although handbag organizers are available in a variety of materials, such as leather, cloth, and plastic, they also help to keep the inside of your purse neat and clean. You can carry your cosmetics, vials of perfume, and other possessions which could spill and ruin your purse, and be confident that even if a bottle or container accidently opens it will not damage your handbag or other items in it.

Handbag organizers also look good. They are much nicer in appearance than the old-fashioned method of using plastic bags to carry things which might spill or break. You can select the type of material best suited to your handbag, and even choose a color of that is your preference.

Your handbag is meant to carry whatever you may need on an everyday basis. Even if you have a number of handbags for work, casual use, and evenings, you will want an organizer for each one. They will make your life much less complicated and frustrating, and much neater as well.


Purse Patterns in Vouge

Since centuries, purses have dominated the scene and are the season's hottest accessory. The popularity of purses can be estimated from the fact that as good as ninety-nine percent of women carry a purse daily and a large number of them also have a collection of them. And the popularity of purses is still increasing day in and day out and this is evident from the fact that most of the top line fashion houses are bringing forward the collection of purses.

Not only purses act as your storage companions but also they have improved a lot to make a statement about the user. So it is not all about the functionality but style of the purses is what that matters today. If you are one of the vogues conscious, then purses are one of the accessories which you should be really selective about.

The style and types of purses available in the market is really unimaginable. And so is the materials they are available in. The wider you will think about a purse, the more options you will find available in the stores. This keeps the hunt for the purses going on. While making a collection of purses seems easy, it is quite a daunting task which requires lots of efforts as well as money.

Purses are available in wide assortments that differ greatly in price. But the general rule says, the more you find a purse attractive, the more expensive it will be. And thus, the act of bringing up a collection of purses can end up being quite expensive.

One of the better ways to handle such situation in a cost effective way is to go in for purse patterns. Purse patterns are as the name suggests, popular patterns of purse designs which you can make at home. These purse patterns are available in a wide assortment and can sewed ready at home. These are really great for women who like to sew and own stylish purses.

This can turn out to be a great hobby and equally learning experience. With the various purse patterns available in the market, you can employ you skills to create the perfect designer purses of your own. In fact, some o the purse patterns offer you the scope to use your own imagination and be creative so that you can design a purse that fits you expectations.

Whatever kind of purse you are looking for, you will find a purse patterns that suits your need. There are really thousands of purse patterns out there to select from. These differ in materials, designs and mainly in prices but are in general cheaper to the designer purses. In a way, with the purse patterns, not only you can satisfy your creative instinct by creating something anew but also you can have a good collection of purses and that too in an inexpensive way.


What Every Woman Should Know About Purse Parties

Purse parties are the hottest new trend for home-based retail. There are two general types of purse parties: legal ones and illegal ones. The illegal purse party is for selling knock-off designer bags at highly discounted prices. Designer bags which typically sell between $150 and $500 would sell as knock-offs at illegal designer purse parties between $30 and $60. There is a crackdown by federal law enforcement on these illegal activities, which are reported to have links to organized crime and terrorism.

Selling imitation designer-label handbags with fake designer labels is a crime, a trademark violation, and a federal violation, and it is considered to be trafficking in counterfeit goods-even for the woman who simply hosts an in-home designer purse party. This offense can send any guilty party to prison for up to ten years and incur fines of up to $2 million. Someone who purchases a fake designer bag at a handbag party is not committing a crime, but is highly likely to have acquired a very inferior product, even considering the very low price.

Real designer bags have labels that won't blur or peel off, and that aren't altered or misspelled. Real bags indicate where they are manufactured, come with warrantees, and are sold at company or department stores, not at house parties or on the streets.

The other main type of designer purse party is that of legal designer-inspired look-alike handbags from various legitimate companies that place their own name brand on their products. These are safe to buy and sell because they are clearly marked with the legitimate manufacturer's logo or trademark. Sometimes customers arrive at a legitimate, legal purse party thinking they are going to be able to purchase knock-off bags, and they are disappointed. Other customers are worried that they might be attending an illegal purse party.

A third kind of purse party, also legal, is where the marketed bags have nothing to do with big-name designed bags. Purse parties like this sell bags that have a marketable feature other than likeness to high-end designs. One example is Miche Bag purse parties. These purses were designed primarily to meet women's need for functionality and practicality. The physical appeal of the purses is secondary to their function of having numerous interchangeable outer shells so women don't have to actually change purses with their different outfits. They can change the exterior cover of their purse in just a few seconds, instead. This concept started out being marketed through in-home purse parties, but has expanded to a global multi-million-dollar business, with current online and in-store marketing as well.

You should now be able to identify which of these types of purse party you've been invited to: (1) a designer knock-off purse party that likely sells products inferior to the designer-label original (2) a designer-inspired, designer-wannabe purse party that will probably give you reasonable quality for a reasonable price, and (3) a purse party selling handbags that are original in concept and design.


Handbags Ideal For Work, Evening, And Weekends

Every woman owns handbags. They are a necessary part of their wardrobe that are either expensive or cheap. Expensive handbags can last a long time while the cheaper ones would only last for a few months or perhaps weeks. The different colors available give her a lot of choices depending on her preference. Handbags can either make her look better or it can make her look like she just borrowed it in haste.

If she can get a handbag that will go very well with all her clothes then she is very lucky. This way she doesn't have to change handbags every few days oftentimes neglecting to carry over some stuff to the new handbag that she is carrying. Her handbag must complement her whole wardrobe and not just a specific outfit.

In every woman's wardrobe should be an everyday bag that should go well with the clothes she has in her closet. The handbags should be in dark colors like black or brown because with these colors you can never go wrong. The thing that has to be carefully selected is the style which must fit whatever she is wearing.

For office girls, a briefcase is a good addition to the handbag that she wears to the office. A small bag that she can carry out to lunch is also a good thing to carry around.

Summer would necessitate handbags that are in light colors and made of fabric or leather to go well with summer clothes. The materials should allow for maximum usage and cool to the eyes and fresh to wear every day.

Casual Handbags such as totes are necessary additions to your wardrobe. They are cheap and can be worn while going to the gym, the beach, or the supermarket. If you plan to go somewhere and you need to carry extra clothes, get a large tote or get a waterproof beach bag if you love to go to the beach.

Straw totes are perfect for summer; you can carry all the things you need in it. Cameras, sunscreens, books and other things you might need during the weekend can be placed in it.

Evening Clutches and bags that you can carry during evening functions are necessary and depends on each woman's lifestyle. You cannot go wrong with an evening bag in black, ivory or metallic.

Although Going Out Handbags are small, they should be able to hold wallets, keys, some make-up and other things you will need. Get them in several different colors to compliment several outfits.

All types of handbags are meant for a woman's different needs but they all have the same purpose, to enhance a woman's looks and make her comfortable when going out of the house.


How To Make Your Designer Handbags Last

The price of designer handbags and purses cannot hinder women from wanting to own one. They see these items as investments and so they don't mind spending a lot on them. A lot of women collect designer handbags and purses because aside from being very chic and nice to look at, they have become status symbols of the fashionable woman.

If you own designer a handbag or purse, be sure to take good care of it so that it will not lose its value. Remember not to let it get stained or ripped or torn as these can make it worthless. There are several things you can do to prevent your purse from being ruined.

The things that you put inside your purse or handbag are almost always the ones that can ruin it. Things like pens, lotions, make up, and sharp objects can cause tears or put stains on your handbag or purse. If it is not really necessary, keep yourself from carrying these items in your handbag. Aside from this, be very careful when putting things inside your handbag.

If you cannot really help but carry these items, make sure to put them in another holder like a leak proof bag. Even your make up can cause stains if they leak, which is especially true with lipsticks. There are purses designed to carry your make up so you can put them inside and then put the purse inside your designer handbag.

Leather accessories can be ruined if they get wet and there are conditioners available meant to protect them from water and liquids. Designer handbags are expensive because they are mostly made of leather so they need to be protected from getting wet.

If you want to enjoy wearing your designer handbags for a long time and perhaps even be able to give them to your daughters, you only have to follow the tips mentioned above.


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